Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Want...

...this duck:

How adorable right?!  Her name is "Lovable Lila" and she is available at the following location: Swarovski On-line.

She is originally $60 and now she's only $36 (what a steal!). I just got "Sunny Sandy" for Christmas from my parents.  She's on my bookshelf and she puts a smile on my face every time I see her. :)

Unfortunately $36 is still a little expensive for me, but of course I wanted to share this steal with all of you!  Also: BIG tip - if you're looking for Christmas presents already for next year, a lot of Swarovski's holiday collection, including ornaments, are also currently discounted on the site!  They're perfect for your mom, grandma... just about anybody!  They shine, they sparkle, and they're a keepsake anyone (not just a Swarovski collector) would cherish. :)

~Hugs & Besos~