Saturday, January 7, 2012


My first post. :) So, for a while now I've been in a state of consistent contemplation about creating a blog.  What would I write about?  Would people read it?  Now that I am here I feel happy already.  However, I would like to set-up some ground rules for myself and my blog:

1.) Be open - to any advice and any criticism I may receive, and acknowledge the fact not everyone will always understand or be interested in what I am saying... or agree with me.

2.) Be honest - about my thoughts and opinions, and use my blog as just that - my blog, where I can write about what I want, when I want.

3.) Be fluid - about what I write about.  I read a lot of advice columns on blogging and most of them said something along the lines of "pick a topic for your blog."  Well, the topic I chose is: my life.  I don't want a crafting blog so all I can write about is crafting.  Maybe one day I'll want to write about a crafting project I did, but the next day I'll merely write about an observation I made.  I don't want to feel restricted.

4.) Be consistent - this one is pretty self-explanatory, but I vow to update my blog (at least) on a daily basis.

5.) Be concise! - I chose this because I tend not to be concise (does it show?).  And, in my research in reading other blogs before creating my own I found blogs with blocks of text (which is why I'm going to include pictures as much as possible, too) are boring!  So, I'm going to try to follow my 11th grade English teacher's advice - KISS - or, Keep It Simple, Smartie!

6.) No second guesses - okay, so, honestly, this isn't my first blog... it's maybe my 2nd or 3rd?  The problem I had in the past is I was very unsure of myself.  I had no confidence in what I said, and I was afraid to speak my mind.  Hence, those blogs lasted about 2 days apiece till I deleted them.  Additionally, I was always afraid of failure with my past blogs.  I equated failure to no one reading my blog, or commenting on my posts.  But now I think of failure as deleting my blog and not even putting myself and my thoughts out there in the first place.  My new mantra: "As long as you keep writing, readers will come."

Phew, okay... I think that's all of my rules.  Not exactly the 10 Commandments but still pretty hefty!

So... what do you think?  Did I break Rule #5 yet?

~Hugs & Besos~


  1. I think promising to update daily may be an impossible standard to set. Being in my final semester before graduation myself I have gone days without even thinking about my blog. But then you may be much more organized than I am. I hope you enjoy your blogging experience. And you are right, keep writing, readers will come.

  2. @jamiessmiles - Thank you for your response! Sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I agree about the consistency thing (now that I've been blogging for a week or so) - I've already skipped a couple of days of blogging. That's not due to a lack of love for the medium, but a lack of desire to write blogs of no substance (when I have nothing to really blog about). Thanks again, and so far I am enjoying my blogging experience. :)