Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Blogging Personality?

According to, narcissism can be defined as "(noun) inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity."

I'm writing about this because in my one professor's office there is a magnet that says the following:

A Narcissistic Personality
A Computer
A Blog

Now that I am actually blogging, of course to reflect on reading that magnet perplexes me.  Am I narcissistic?  Because, frankly, I am (a) not very fascinated by myself; (b) I don't have excess self-love - in fact, there are times when I don't like myself very much at all (I need to work on this); and (c) vanity - sure, there have been times I have been excited to get good grades or receive an award, but I wouldn't say I'm vain or possess any excessive pride in my abilities or achievements.

So, what do you think?  Is narcissism really a key component in the blogging equation?

~Hugs & Besos~


  1. Nothing is wrong with that formula hey, everyone needs abit of narcissism. Abit of your personality adds flavour to your blog.

  2. Is that professor a psychology professor? I bet they are not.

    Maybe they didn't mean it seriously, but as a half-joke.

    Narcissism is when you ONLY care about yourself and can only see how things relate to yourself and impact you.

    Blogs are self-reflective (and yes self-indulgent) spaces - for introspection, not necessarily narcissism. I can see how one might think that. Some blogs are "I had this for lunch then I did this then I thought that then I said this"... as are some Facebook posts. But most bloggers don't continue to blog without an audience- so the activity is not really particularly narcissistic and is usually drive by introspective people who like to write seeking like-minded people to talk to.

    So anyway, there's my 2 cents :)

  3. @Pish Posh - thanks for your response! Yeah, you guessed it, my professor is NOT a psychology professor. Also, I agree, I think it was a half-joke (a lot of the magnets plastered around his office are). Still, it made me think (obviously) which is why I wanted to share. :)