Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7 Reasons I'm Both Excited & Nervous to Go Back to School

Since it is after midnight, and technically Tuesday, I officially have one week left of my winter break.  Yes, next Tuesday, January 24th, will be my last first day of school.  In this spirit, I would like to share with you all 7 reasons (a reason per day - clever, right?) I'm both excited and nervous to go back to school.

1.) I'm nervous because it's going to be my last semester of college.  This is unlike any semester of college I have ever experienced before.  In May, I will graduate and either be off to grad school, or, most likely, starting my career.  There will be no registering for classes for next Fall, or looking forward to summer vacation.  I will never be an undergraduate again.

2.) I'm excited because it's going to be my last semester of college.  No more reading syllabi.  No more writing papers.  No more buying textbooks...

3.) In May, I'm nervous to enter into a role I have never known.  If I don't choose to continue on to my graduate work immediately, I will start my career with a corporation I have a standing offer with.  I have been labeled a student for 17 years of my life; since I was 4 I have been in school.  What will it be like not to be a student anymore?  This ambiguity both excites me and frightens me.

4.) In May, I'm excited because mine and Tom's distance will cease to exist.  Once I am finished with my degree, Tom and I can be together in the same zip code.  My college and my degree will no longer keep us from being together.

5.) I'm nervous for all the work.  I will be taking at least 4 classes this semester, including my senior seminar and an independent study.  I accept nothing but the best from myself in my schoolwork so I anticipate a lot of late nights and coffees.

6.) I'm nervous I won't be able to manage my time.  So, since I am so obsessed with school, I always have a hard time separating myself from my work.  As a result, my social life suffers and other things I enjoy tend to take a backseat.  Although I'm going to take actions to prevent this from happening again, I'm nervous it may happen again this semester.  And, since it is my last semester of college, I don't want it to!

7.) I'm excited to learn, and to experience everything I haven't had the chance to experience yet. :) Self-admittedly, I'm a nerd, and in love with my area of study in school.  Additionally, I'm signed up for a few classes in other disciplines I have never explored yet, so I'm really excited to see how those go.  In terms of experiencing everything I haven't had the chance to experience yet, this is my last semester of college (as though I haven't drilled that into your head yet).  There will be no "next semester" so I'm going to enjoy everything college life has to offer.  No regrets!

What's something you're both excited and nervous about???

~Hugs & Besos~


  1. Aw I'm excited and nervous too! Hope your last semester is so amazing and fun!




  2. I'm kind of excited and nervous for this semester, too! And that's great you already have a job offer!

  3. Congratulations on your last semester! :) I can't believe that I'll be in your shoes in ONE year. Lots of luck for the next few months. You will do great!

  4. congratulations! I'm in my last semester as a senior in high school and it feels weird so I can't even imagine! Just started following your blog! :]

  5. Thank you all! :) So far, so good. I'll definitely keep you all up-to-date in posts to come. Hope all of your semesters are going well too! :)