Sunday, January 8, 2012

All About Perception

So, if you must know, there are 3 things I do nearly every time I use my computer:

1.) Check my e-mails

2.) Check my brand new blog (new habit) :)

3.) Read what's new on (because I do)

Yesterday, I was wasting time when I happened upon this image:

 Needless to say, I fell in love.  How many times have you walked by a building, a person, a painting, and not perceived its beauty until you really stopped and looked at it?  How many times have you heard a song that you thought was ugly until you stopped and listened?

Stuff like this makes me think, and I like it.  Also, if you've never heard of before this post I highly recommend it! ;)

~Hugs & Besos~


  1. Good information to record and inform others. Appreciate.

  2. Very interesting post. I think the end result answers the question as to the perception of beauty and whether we take our time to appreciate it or not.

    Maybe those who briefly stopped to listen, appreciated the asethetic of what they were hearing, only to suddenly have the approchment of modern life soon taking over...perhaps.

  3. This was really nice. I'm glad I followed your blog. I will certainly look forward to more shares like this. Thanks.

  4. I think it depends on the people too. I mean if you are playing for a crowd who liked your music enough to pay to see you it is quite different than in a crowded subway, people on their way to work, and quite frankly, *gasp* may not be in to classical music. I doubt I would have stopped. Beauty is in the eye, or this case ear, of the beholder.

  5. Man I love Joshua bell's playing. And I LOVE Bach. Would definitely have stopped!! And probably listened for the whole 45 mins! I read about a similar experiment that a world renowned cellist did, I think in a station again, and I think with similar results. Interesting...

    Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere. :)


  6. Great post about something I would have ignored. It is weird how the kids wanted to listen but the parents wouldn't stop. Maybe because they were late. Also it would have been interesting in another setting where people were not in a hurry. Like a park or the beach :)

    welcome to blogging

  7. Oh wow this is amazing, would you mind if I posted it on my blog? I'll credit you ofc! (:

  8. Thank you everyone who took the time to read this and post your thoughts - I will be sure to add similar posts to my blog in the future. :)

    Also, @umabunni, of course you can share it on your blog. :)

  9. This is interesting. I would like to say that I'd stop and listen, but I don't think I would. People are often too wrapped up in themselves to notice what's happening around them.