Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Cousin's Getting Married!

Tonight I received a picture message from my cousin.  It was a picture of her hand with, you guessed it, a ring on her finger!  (A very beautiful ring, I may add.)  My adrenaline started pumping and I started freaking out.  I was just so excited, you would have thought I had gotten proposed to (ha!).

Since I am sans biological sisters in my life, my cousin is the closest thing I have to a sister.  As a late-twenty something, I know she has been waiting for this moment for a while, so I am just so thrilled for her.  Not to mention I think the guy she's getting hitched to is simply perfect for her. :)

Now, all this wedding bliss got me thinking - not only about planning my cousin's wedding (when can we start?!) - but my own wedding.  What do I want?  Although I am a sucker for such TV shows as Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings (one of my faves), I usually don't give my own big day much thought.  Probably because it's still way off in the future somewhere, but one time I remember I found my friend looking at wedding dresses "just because."  When I asked her about it she said "Oh, I just do that when I'm bored.  Don't you look at wedding dresses, or just look for things to plan your own wedding sometimes?"  Um... no?  Am I not normal or something?

So, obviously since I shared with you all that I have a healthy obsession with some wedding shows (Bridezillas, too, anyone?), I do have some opinions/ideas for my big day.  Here, I would like to share some of those with you:

1.) Wedding Dress: I'm not particularly a fan of strapless dresses (is it going to fall down?!), so I think I will like a dress with a cap sleeve, or some other kind of strap.  Recently, I saw an off-the-shoulder wedding dress and it was absolutely adorable.  Also, I'm not a fan of big dresses - I don't want to take down small children as I walk across the room!  Lastly, if you read my profile you know I love sparkly things so I'll definitely want some bling on my dress!  Nothing overboard... just some dazzle. :)

2.) Cake: I used to always say my cake would be red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Still a very viable option, but I wouldn't doubt (depending on the bakery) I might fall in love with another flavor, too.  With that said, the one thing I definitely know I want for my cake is a unique cake topper - I always thought a panda couple would be cute... but, overall, just nothing too traditional.

3.) A Candy Bar: Now I've seen these featured on several episodes of Four Weddings and I just love them.  I think it's really cute to give guests a bag (preferably monogrammed) and let them create a goodie bag of sorts with all kinds of sweets!

4.) Flowers: Gerber daisies and roses are my two favorite types of flowers, so they definitely need to be incorporated!


5.) Lots of Personal Touches: Not only for my wedding, but for any wedding, I think personal touches are the most important part.  From table names that correspond to important events for the couple, to something I saw recently where the couple actually had each of their guests design a patch for a quilt.  Weddings aren't just a party; they symbolize the love and newfound unity of a couple, and I think the atmosphere should reflect that.

So, I guess I've given my future wedding more thought than I had previously thought.  But what about you:  Have you thought about your own wedding?  Have you been to or saw a wedding that you were like "this has to be at mine, too"?



  1. Hi kristin, over from the coffee shop.
    The bouquet of daisies you posted is beautiful. I love all the colors. My wedding was is january, usually a very cold month in Chicago but that particular day was a balmy 32 and sunny! It was perfect.
    I love your panda couple idea. So cute and unique to you. One of the early things I thought about for my wedding were the colors. I knew I wanted simple elegance. I went with White, Black and Red and loved how it all turned out.
    Congrats to your cousin!

  2. My dress had lace cap sleeves. My colors were pink and white for flowers and table linens. But my bouquet was all white roses. I made my own party favors with votives and white jordan almonds in silk sachets. I also made my own Church programs, printed them and tied the with silk ribbons. Everyone loved our wedding!

  3. Most strapless dressed come with a built in bra-like thing that holds the dress up, so don't worry about it falling down. :) Personal touches are key. Our tables were named after places we visited together and a photo of us at that place. Our cake topper was designed to look like us and our dog. Our favors were cookies from my husband's hometown bakery with our university alma mater's (where we met) logo on them. I could keep going but I won't bore you. There are tons of things that you can do to personalize your wedding-- and you should! :)